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Service Sécurité


Vous méritez la meilleure des protections !


  Report Analytic History Log Retention Product Applicable
SecuReporter Daily
7 days 7 days USG Series Default Bundle
SecuReporter Premium Daily
30 days 1 year ATP Series
  • With ATP Gold Pack
USG Series
  • 5-in-1 License Bundle*1
  • Single License
  1. More details can be found at:
  2. License Bundle includes Content Filtering, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, IDP and SecuReporter Premium.


Network Map of Organizations
  • Landmark with brief info including network site names, device names and IP addresses
  • Events/Alarms notification symbol
  • Online/Offline status indication symbol
  • Location is available by GeoIP information to city level
Threat Map
  • Shows statistics of attack packets in real time (detected in the entire organization)
  • Show tabular format when selecting a specific country
  • Recent Alerts
  • Total Counts of Malware/virus Detected
  • Spam Emails Detected
  • Anomalies Detected
  • Blocked Requests
  • Threat Trend
Security Services
  • Threat Trend
  • Anomaly Packet Trend
  • Top Malware/Virus Detected
  • IDP
  • Top Spam Sent
  • Top Spam Received
  • Top Potential Malicious Websites
  • Top Security Threat Website Categories
  • Top Threat Website Categories (ATP series only)
  • Top Threat Websites (ATP series only)
  • Top Threat IP Categories (ATP series only)
  • Top Threat IP (ATP series only)
  • Most Popular Website Categories
  • Most Popular Websites
  • Most Popular Applications
  • App Patrol
  • Top Blocked Application
  • Top Blocked Websites
  • Top Blocked Destination Countries
  • Top Users with Most Bandwidth
  • Top Destination Countries
  • Top Applications
  • Top Destination Ports
Sandboxing (ATP Series Only)
  • Sandboxing Statistics
  • File Scan Activity
  • Top Malicious/Suspicious File types
  • Sandboxing detect alert
  • Scanning Files
  • Top 10 Most Risk User
  • Top 10 Filename at Risk
  • Top 10 File Hashed Mast at Risk
  • Top 10 Source IP Most at Risk
  • Top 10 Destination IP Most at Risk
Users aware search
  • Security Events
  • Application Usage
  • Website Usage
  • Top Destination Countries
  • Traffic Upload/Download Usage Trend
  • Login/Logout History
Device Health
  • Device Information
  • System Status
  • Service License Status and Expiration Date
  • Concurrent Sessions
  • Traffic Usage Trend per Interface
  • User-defined Logo, title description, comments/suggestion
  • On-demand, by-schedule (daily,weekly, monthly) or send immediately
  • Flexible report formats: PDF
Event Alert
  • 14 + built-in event defi nitions; ready for use and highly customizable
  • Automated mail alert
  • Alert Trend
  • Alert History
  • Create multi-tenant view
  • Set Data Protection Policy, compliance for national general data protection rule.
Log Archive
  • Specify rolling window of up to 1-year
  • Downloadable
  • Data encryption protection
  • Specify rolling window of up to 1-year
  • Downloadable
  • Data encryption protection
  • A unique logical entity structure to serve multiple tenants
  • Multiple users with role-based access control