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Service Sécurité


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Licences SecuReporter

Référence Période de validité Produits compatibles
Dispo Q1.2019 1 an
Dispo Q1.2019 2 ans
SecuReporter est vendu
avec le Pack de Licences Gold ATP
1 an

*: Cette matrice repose sur le firmware ZLD4.32 ou versions ultérieures.
*1: SecuReporter sera disponible sur ces équipements supportant le firmware ZLD 4.33 à partir de Janvier 2019.


Network Map of Organizations
  • Landmark with brief info including network site names, device names and IP addresses
  • Events/Alarms notification symbol
  • Online/Offline status indication symbol
  • Location is available by GeoIP information to city level
Threat Map
  • Shows statistics of attack packets in real time (detected in the entire organization)
  • Show tabular format when selecting a specific country
  • Recent Alerts
  • Total Counts of Malware/virus Detected
  • Spam Emails Detected
  • Anomalies Detected
  • Blocked Requests
  • Threat Trend (last 7 days)
Security Services
  • Threat Trend
  • Anomaly Packet Trend
  • Top Malware/Virus Detected
  • IDP
  • Top Spam Sent
  • Top Spam Received
  • Top Potential Malicious Websites
  • Top Security Threat Website Categories
  • Most Popular Website Categories
  • Most Popular Websites
  • Most Popular Applications
  • App Patrol
  • Top Blocked Application
  • Top Blocked Websites
  • Top Blocked Destination Countries
  • Top Users with Most Bandwidth
  • Top Destination Countries
  • Top Applications
  • Top Destination Ports
Users aware search
  • Security Events
  • Application Usage
  • Website Usage
  • Top Destination Countries
  • Traffic Upload/Download Usage Trend
  • Login/Logout History
Device Health
  • Device Information
  • System Status
  • Service License Status and Expiration Date
  • Concurrent Sessions
  • Traffic Usage Trend per Interface
  • User-defined Logo, title description, comments/suggestion
  • On-demand, by-schedule (daily,weekly, monthly) or send immediately
  • Flexible report formats: PDF
Event Alert
  • 9+ built-in event definitions; ready for use and highly customizable
  • Automated mail and App (iOS and Android) alert notification
  • Create multi-tenant view
  • Set Data Protection Policy, compliance for national general data protection rule.
  • Alert Trend
  • Alert History
  • Specify rolling window of up to 1-year
  • Downloadable
  • Data encryption protection
  • A unique logical entity structure to serve multiple tenants
  • Multiple users with role-based access control
Annual Standard License
  • No size limitation
  • 1/2 -year unlimited log retention
  • With 15 days grace period
Version d'évaluation (30 jours)
  • Past 7 days log retention and analysis
  • No size limitation
Annual Standard License
  • No size limitation
  • 1/2 -year unlimited log retention

Version d'évaluation de 30 jours Cloud CNM SecuReporter

Les utilisateurs de solutions ZyWALL peuvent tester gratuitement SecuReporter pendant 30 jours. Ce service est activable sur le portail
Avant de l'activer, assurez-vous que votre ZyWALL dispose bien du dernier firmware ZLD 4.32