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Service Sécurité


Des outils pour des experts !

User Aware

The User Partially Quotient helps IT security managers spot out risky users at a glance without the extra effort of correlating additional network logs and events. Get in-depth analysis off all events and traffic caused by these users with anomalous behavior.

Advanced Analytics

ATP series with SecuReporter offer comprehensive protection and analytics. Utilize SecuReporter for a suite of advanced analysis and reporting tools including Sandboxing, Threat Website Analytics, and Threat IP Analytics.


The Sandboxing report includes data for all sandboxing scanning activities like source IP, destination IP, file type, file hash, and scan results (safe, suspicious, or malicious). Alert email will be sent for every submitted file that is found to be malicious.

Threat Website Analytics

Botnet Filtering provides the list of malicious web for ATP-Series to do a quick check and automatically block malicious URL. Users can have a view of the Top Botnet block URL and identify its type with Botnet Filter report. Easily find out the user who has been compromised.

Threat IP Analytics

IP reputation provides malicious IP records for ATP-Series to do a quick check. Filter increases threat visibility in SecuReporter which assists in tracing cyber threat sources. The report shows the blocking record details, Top attacking IP, attack type, and the level of risk.

Centralize monitoring and ease of setup

SecuReporter offers centralized visibility of network activities and potential threats within entire network environment. It allows administrators to proactively monitor network status. Users can quickly and easily activate SecuReporter on the cloud.


Zyxel communication Corp. s'engage à respecter la dernière directive sur la protection des données comme le RGPD ou les principes de confidentialité de l’OCDE. SecuReporter vous offre trois options :

Non Anonyme

Les données personnelles sont clairement identifiables dans les rapports d'analyse, les rapports et les archivages de logs.

Partiellement Anonyme

Les données personnelles sont remplacées par un autre atrribut dans les archivages de logs.


Les données personnelles contiennent clairement des informations anonymes dans les rapports d'analyse, les rapports et les archivages de logs.